about youterus


Youterus, where you, too, are us. It is my sincere wish for you to realize that the entire community here is wishing you all the best and rooting for you on your journey.


I hope you find comfort and connection with this community. When my husband and I began the journey to starting a family, we did not anticipate or expect any issues. However, by the second round of failed IVF a few years later, I felt an immense amount of loneliness and isolation, despite reading about how common infertility is and all the support from my husband. Once we decided to pursue an infant adoption, the process and outcome seem to be equally out of my hands. I was not good at feeling helpless, isolated and unable to control my circumstances. As I finally started sharing these feelings and recognizing them by saying them out loud, I started to heal and feel better. As I shared, I started hearing more and more stories pouring out from all corners of my friend and community circles. I then realized that this reproductive journey is often one of the most important, and yet isolating, ones that we embark on and at the end of the day, I realized that we do not need to travel alone on this journey. 

This portal is meant provide some comfort to any unfamiliar and rollercoaster-like emotions that often accompany the reproductive journey. I hope it provides a place to relate. I hope it provides a sense of community. Lastly, but most importantly, I hope it reassures you that there are a lot of us that are rooting for you and wishing you well.   


What this community is:


  • This community is a safe place to share your experience and your journey. The belief is that it helps to share.  

  • This community is a place to find support. It’s a place where you do not need to have everything all figured out.   

  • It is okay to be vulnerable and express feelings that you think you shouldn’t have. 

  • This community is living, organic and bound to continue to evolve. I welcome you to come back to update your journey as you evolve and change.     


What this community is not:


  • This community is not a place for politics, rhetoric or judgments. Entries as well as comments that are hateful, judgmental or do not support other users on their journey will be removed.  

  • This community is not meant to be a parenting forum. To limit the scope, this portal will focus on the adults, not the children. 

  • This community is not meant to be the “Yelp” for reproductive needs. It is not meant to be the place to seek out the best reproductive endocrinologist or adoption agencies.   

  • This community is not meant to replace any professional mental health help or medical advice.


       ~~ with much loving kindness,